Individual, Personal & Landlord

This service is of benefit to any individual with a need for a consistent mailing address, Individuals in need of a secure and confidential alternative address can achieve this with Lets Letterbox mailbox rental services, whether you’re in the middle of a move, going traveling or living in shared accommodation Lets Letterbox will provide a service individually tailored to your own specific requirements.

  • Students have one address for the complete degree course, even when traveling
  • Gap year, stay in touch with your mail
  • Free-lance representatives, have one address, for all your clients
  • Complex personal circumstances will benefit from having a separate mailing address for sensitive correspondence.

As landlords ourselves we understand the importance of protecting our home and family life, so by using a Lets letter box address, we can separate the day to day business of renting property and complying with the ongoing raft of legal legislation requiring landlords to provide a residential mailing address to tenants, landlord registration scheme, rates office and NIHE.

If a director or landlord does not wish their usual residential address to be listed – then you should purchase our Service Address which will keep your details private.
It is worth noting, that C/O address and P O box address are no longer acceptable, to most government agencies.

The three simple cost effective package types, allow you to decide how often you wish to either have your mail forwarded to your nominated forwarding address or scanned and e mailed.


This service will provide 1 x Named recipient

1 x mail box address.

Mail forwarded 1 x Month


Mail scanned 1 x Fortnight

Up to 30 A4 sheets

Monthly by Standing Order £14.95

6 Months in Advance £89.00

12 Months in Advance £175.00


This service will provide 2 x Named recipients

1 x mail box address.

Mail forwarded 1 x Fortnight


Mail scanned 1 x Week

Up to 35  A4 sheets

Monthly by Standing Order £16.95

6 Months in Advance £100.00

12 Months in Advance £195.00


This service will provide 3 x Named recipients

1 x mail box address.

Mail forwarded 1 x a Week


Mail scanned 2 x Week

Up to 40  A4 sheets

Monthly by Standing Order £27.95

6 Months in Advance £165.00

12 Months in Advance £330.00