Limited Company (Chinese Zhōngguó rén/Overseas)

Company registered office service for (Overseas Chinese /Zhōngguó rén clients)

A registered office address in Belfast is a service that is required only by either Limited Liability Partnership s (LLPs) or Limited company owners. A registered office is a legal requirement and is recorded at Companies House. Our office address service allows you to change the registered office address and replace it with our Belfast location. The package also allows you to update HMRC records with your new service address; this will allow you to receive your official statutory mail at our office address.

Save on renting or buying a commercial property in the city by adding a Virtual Office Service. You can start promoting your Prestigious Bloomfield Ave Belfast address via your business marketing materials immediately.

All limited companies in the UK must have at least one director who is a ‘natural person’ (section 155 of the Companies Act 2006). This term refers to an individual, as opposed to a ‘legal person’ like another limited company or some other corporate body. To be eligible to be a company director, a ‘natural person’ must:

  • be at least 16 years old: “A person may not be appointed a director of a company unless he has attained the age of 16 years.” (section 157 Companies Act)
  • not be a disqualified director
  • not be an undischarged bankrupt
  • not be an auditor of the company

There are currently no rules in the Companies Act 2006, or any other UK legislation, requiring a director of a UK company to reside in the UK or make visits here at any time. Similarly, there is nothing to preclude a foreign national from acting as a director of a UK company, whether they live in the UK or elsewhere.

This service is of benefit to any individual or company with a need for a oversees company package to register their limited company and directors for the purpose of registering the company with Companies House (NI) and HMRC. The service provides a registered office address and mail handling via a nominated email address for all correspondence received for their specific company.


Our Registered office service can provide the registered office address from £240.00 per annum. Simply select from the services below to subscribe now.



This service will provide

1 x Registered office address

1 x Company Director

Statutory Mail Scanned


Mail scanned 1 x Week

Up to 20 A4 sheets per Week

6 Months in Advance £125.00

12 Months in Advance £240.00



This service will provide

1 x Business name & 1 x Registered office address

2 x Named Company Directors


All Mail Scanned

Mail scanned 2 x Week

Up to 30 A4 sheets


6 Months in Advance £175.00

12 Months in Advance £340.00